Xinda Bank is a leading investment bank that provides specialized leveraged financial services and advice to individuals, and businesses. Our Investment Banking professionals are committed to providing strategic advisory services and capital market strategies for emerging growth and mid-sized businesses. Our clients benefit from our deep industry expertise, broad product capabilities and extensive transaction experience. We have provided investors with the necessary expertise and insight to meet the challenge of achieving their financial goals. Our commitment to our clients’ investment needs, our experienced and dedicated professionals, and our proud tradition empower us to deliver effective and innovative solutions to our clients.


Due to strong demand in the western region, we had branched out to New York in 2015. Despite 2015 being a difficult year as markets were hit hard by falling oil prices, and Greece moving into a financial crisis, we stick to our strong founding philosophies and extended our competitive advantages even further, directly assisting our customers to bringing their fullest potential out.

Mr Shawn Campbell was appointed Chief Executive Office for Xinda Bank in 2016. His expertise from UOB as General Manager over the past 7 years had brought much value to our corporation. He had implemented F.A.S.T which is a technique that allows us to enhance our abilities to serve our customers better and achieve more for them. With the implementation, Xinda saw a 36.8% growth in customer satisfaction. We also had plans to expand to South East Asia due to the Brexit issue.

In 2018, with the excellent results that we had achieved from our previous years, we decided to enter China’s market, the second largest economy in the whole world. Here, Xinda begin our new chapter. After meticulous planning and detailed proposals, we successfully branched out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017. South East Asia’s market is welcoming and we clinch multimillion projects and gained multiple business partners to counter the market needs and demands here.