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Also known as commercial finance or asset-based financing, asset-based loan is a type of business financing that is secured by collateral like company assets, inventory, account receivable, equipment or other balance sheet asset and usually work as revolving line of credit. Asset based loan are usually used by company that needs working capital to operate, grow, cover expanses or investment. Most of our clients that face cash flow issue are due to rapid growth of the company. At Xinda, we helped our clients to manage the rapid growth issues and position their company for growth. We offered our asset based financing not only to big companies but also to small and medium companies that are stable and has asset that can be financed.

The borrowing base that our clients are eligible is determined by the percentage of the value of the collateral that has been pledged. Usually the loan-value ratio for account receivable are ranging from 75% – 90% of the value and for inventory or equipment, loan-value ratio will be ranging 50% or less. We have a team of expert that keep track and update regularly on the asset value as value on a asset may vary as times goes by.

Why asset base loan?

  • Rapidly raise, deploy fund and improve working capital
  • Popular way to gain capital compare to traditional form of bank loans and overdraft
  • Maximize the value of your asset
  • Achieve greater liquidity
  • Lower ongoing cost and flexibility
  • Higher amount of loan compare to bank loans