Mr Shawn had implemented Foresight, Adaptability, Satisficing, and Technology as a technique that we use to run our business. With this technique, our customer satisfaction level had increased by 36.8%.
Below is how we implement this technique.


Financial innovation is seen as having worsened the financial crisis. But there are many other instances where it has brought huge benefits to consumers and developing economies.
Xinda bank experiments with new ways to reach and keep customers. One key to success: Understanding when customers’ desire a technological solution versus a personal touch.
We take effort to understand our client and specially tailored our products to ensure it best suit them, ready to react to any change of regulations or financial crisis.


Digital transformation represents a critical evolution of new capabilities to boost our bank and our clients’ performance. We believe that investment in management information, particularly towards the timelines, accuracy and consistency across different dimensions of data with respect to risk information has the potential to make companies materially more agile and to really create a return. And thus, we are heavily vested into enhancing our digital information analysis technologies.