With our innovative extensive range of product and the expertise of our professional bankers, we are committed to help our clients reaches their dream with our tailored made banking solution.


Funds Management is the management of the cash flow of a financial institution. Also known as asset management, covering any kind of systematic processes of operating, deploying, maintaining, disposing and upgrading assets in the most cost-efficient and profit-yielding way possible to maintain the value of our clients. It is one of the vital factors for a corporate business to grow more successfully. Our team covers a broad array of sectors mainly on business and enterprise industry and public sector.

Objective of fund management is to ensure that our client will be able to capitalize their cash flow with the lowest risks possible. At Xinda, our professional and friendly staffs work hand in hand with our client, ensuring that we understand your corporate needs and come out with an innovative and tailored make product to ensure that our client’s cash flow reaches its maximum potential using the minimum input to gain maximum gain.

Why is fund management critical?

  • Capitalize your cash flow
  • Ensure maximize gain with minimal risk
  • Accelerate corporate growth