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Monetization Path is to convert an object into money or legal tender. It is the process of turning a non-revenue generating item into cash and goes hand-in-hand to capitalism. Monetization is a common solution for trade finance due to its nature to convert unused assets into cash to finance international trade transaction.

There is minimum actual cost as we maximize the potential of unused asset. At Xinda, we monetize financial instrument through multiple source which includes international private bank, investment bank and more. This way, we do not rely solely on a single source of funding which will benefit our client more effectively.

Why monetize your assets?

  • Low cost and risk method of trade finance
  • Making full use of inactive financial instrument to gain cash flow
  • Quick and easy
  • Monetize with a wide range of financial instrument
  • Financial instrument to be monetize can be owned or leased

Some of the financial instrument that we can monetize

  • Corporate bond
  • Letter of credit
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Bank guarantee
  • Certificates of deposit