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Structured Equity is a type of fund that combines both equity and fixed-income products to provide you with a degree of both capital protection and capital appreciation. These funds typically invest the majority of the portfolio in fixed-income securities to give the fund capital protection often with principal repayment and the added gain of interest payments.

Structured funds also use options, futures and other derivatives, often linked to market indexes, to provide exposure to capital appreciation.
Our funds invest in both fixed-income investments and derivatives. Often, they are linked to market indexes.

These products are suitable to investors whom are more stable, as it must be held over a specified time period. These are good investments for investors seeking long-term capital preservation with upside potential. They often offer returns beyond standard money market funds and high yield savings accounts.

Our portfolios are offered to you in various ways. Attractive to investors that are seeking conservative investments with downside protection who would also like to see gains from upside movements in the markets. Each and every product and guarantees will vary, therefore, speak to our friendly consultant to know which product is best suited for you.