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Trade Finance Trade finance is the monetary activities involving commence and international trade. With the enormous growth and advancement of international trade, trade finance has been a popular solution among companies dealing in international trade. Trading overseas can be profitable and offer new opportunities for business growth but there are risks involved.

At Xinda, our professional experts provide a range of trade finance solution to our clients to ensure that they receive the shipment they paid for and the supplier being paid for the good that they exported. We helped create a safety net for our client and the supplier in the international market place and assist in the completion of transaction that involves multiple currencies.

Risks in international trade

  • Late or non-delivery of goods
  • Late or non-payment of goods
  • Foreign exchange
  • Foreign politics

Why trade finance

  • Help build safety net to ensure buyer receive shipment and supplier getting paid
  • Reducing pressure on your cash flow
  • Maximize your ability to trade globally

Trade finance solution

  • Letter of credit
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Trade loan
  • Global payment account
  • Banker guarantee